The Problems With People

Creation is dying. The elders of the Lunar Silver Pack have known this for centuries, but in the past few decades it has become even more apparent. The Stagnant Realm does little but try to hold onto it’s power, destroying anything within it’s reach. Those civilizations that can avoid the Scarlet Empresses reach tend to squander their power & influence on petty deeds & deals. The borders of creation suffer a different dilemma, the fair folk constantly smashing against the walls of creation, seeking to find cracks & holes to slip into in order to dissolve the abhorrent “form” of the world. And then there is the rotting corruption that has begun to ever more quickly pop up in places of great sorrow and grief, shadow lands, the taint of the underworld manifested so strongly that no longer is there a barrier between Creation & the land of the dead.

As a Lunar you are one of the exalted, a once mortal with the power to shape destiny infused into your soul. The elders of your faction have themselves been drawn into lethargy or insanity & it is up to you and those of your kind who still possess the drive to save the world. Creation needs something new, something that doesn’t yet exist if it wants to survive the coming enemies. Rise up & save the land, or watch it get torn asunder around you.

Exalted, Shadows of Influence