Exalted, Shadows of Influence

A New Day, Session One

The session started with telling River Praising Daughter about the town of Red Sands and clarifying a bit about her own personal history.

She moved to Red Sands around the age of 16 and spent the past 4 years here getting into the politics of the Red Sands Trade Guild. By the age of 18 she was introduced onto a council seat, as young as was possible by the rules & regulations. This caused a lot of rumors of favoritism, manipulation, palm greasing and the like, but they eventually simmered into the background and are now considered to be old and moot points by most. Things have gone well for her on the council, as she continues to prove that she is one of the best negotiators of the Guild & well deserving of her seat.

After wakeing up early to a warm sun and quiet streets, with nothing on her schedule for today or the next few, she headed out to the market place in her normal attire with the intent to check on how things were doing, but not as an official. In the market she found things seemed pretty normal for a early day, vendors setting up their stalls, merchants putting out their wares & stores opening up their doors. She had a one on one conversation with one of the jewelry traders of Red Sands, a old woman who between her and her husband bought & traded various foreign jewelry, it seems like she had saved up enough money and practiced on making her own wares. River Praising Daughter spoke highly of the pieces & bought a few of them, declining the old woman’s offer to have them for free if she promised to wear them in her “official” outfit.

Next, on her way out of the marketplace she ran into the changing of the guards and couldn’t help but notice how… unprofessional it seemed. The guards represented one of the major problems of Red Sands, and one of the pivotal arguments constantly going around in the Ruling Council. The cities “military” and armed forces were shoddily equipped, poorly trained, and more numerous then their instructors could manage & the armories could equip.

The morning passing quickly she headed towards the docks & into one of the pubs, finding it already sporting a few groups of sailors (as she had hoped) she sat down with 3 particularly friendly looking fellows & started chatting up a storm. The men seemed more then happy to entertain a good looking obviously well off woman who was interested in their lives & the things they had seen. Most of the conversation had to do with places they visited for their business, she also asked them about what makes Red Sands such a good place to live, anything they had seen in other places that they thought would be helpful in red sands, and then the sailors turned to darker matters. Talks of slave labor, camp raids, necromancy and the like led to talk of The Realm. River Praising Daughter feigned ignorance of the Realm & the sailors gladly gave their very rough & negative opinion of the Scarlet Empire. The conversation carried on a bit more pointlessly, the sailors mentioning that they were going on a routine mission up north to transport goods, and they all mentioned how they were happy since it’s summer there wouldn’t be the normal threat of bandits & barbarians that the winter brought.

We ended the session here as i was rather tired after having spent the past 6 or 7 hours working on the campaign.

Starting Information

This is just a bit of basic information about the game, your starting position & so on.

Location The Hundred Kingdoms, on the eastern bank of the Rock river.
Birth She was born in one of the smaller villages of the Hundred Kingdoms but moved to Red Sands several years ago.
Exalted 19, currently 20 years old
Current Situation A primary Council Member of the Trade Guild in Red Sands, has been for 2 years, specalizes in negotiating.


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