Abandoned Warm Waters

Quiet Fallen Loner


Name-Abandoned Warm Waters
True Name-Hiyas Jorab
Location- Red Sands
Exalted Type-Dragon Blooded
Attitude-Worker, Quiet, Cautious, Considers Self Dangerous

Has been is what people call Hiyas. Powerful at once perhaps, but now a old washed up terrestrial exalted who peddles his occult lore & essence capabilities into small jobs for the locals. He is seen more as a hedge wizard then an actual essence wielder, despite the fact that it is well known he is a true practitioner of charms. Abandoned Warm Waters, as he often goes by, used the help people deal with social issues, he would often mediate & sometimes coerce people into his view point, or the view point of what ever he was being paid to do. Nearly 3 decades ago he began loosing control of his water aura. It began to pop up during his work, a warm mist at first, then the air tempature would rise, slow at first but the end result was that a boiling fog would surround the water aspected dragon blooded. His lack of ability to control his aura only worsened & this caused him to lose his customers. Two unfortunate deaths followed & he then settled into the life of seclusion he is now known for.

Abandoned Warm Waters is nearly a century old, he looks to be in his early 30s, however his eyes show the age…



Hiyas Jorab has lead the life of your classic “lost egg”. Being a terrestrial exalted, a dragon blooded, he was luckly enough to spend most of his life in a small village in The Hundred Kingdoms, and was born to a family who were open minded. Sadly his village was not, and though his parents hid the fact he had exalted for several years he was eventualy found out and cast out of his home…his family stayed.

His life over the next 1/2 a century consisted of self teaching, training & selling those skills he learned in mostly non vilonet ways. Traveling threw the various towns and villages of The Hundred Kingdoms he managed to pick up some mixed forms of thaumatgy, geomancy, and occult lore. He achieved something of a name as diplomat, a peace settler & a dealer of spirits…sometimes vilonetly. His crowning achivement was the unlocking of Terrestrial Circle Sorcery.

Once a full sorcerer & known enough to make a living doing smaller & less dangerous jobs Hiyas settled down in Red Sands. A decade later is when the problems started. Coincidentally it was after he had visited his home village and found out it was no more, they had been wiped out in a conflict with a larger neighboring village. Perhaps that is what broke his resolve, that eroded his control of the dragon bloodeds famously dangerous “aura”…all that matters to him now is being left alone, supporting himself doing the jobs he has to, and sulking in the house he’s lived in for nearly 50 years.

What dreams of revenge does he have? What powers could he call forth once again with his confidence restored? What does Abandoned Warm Waters want…other then to stagnate.

Abandoned Warm Waters

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