Boar of No Roots

Wandering Helpful Brawler


Name-Boar of No Roots
True Name-Unknown
Location-The Hundred Kingdoms
Organization-Silver Pack
Caste-Changing Moon
Spirit Form-Pig/Boar
Attitude-Helpful, Direct, Unpredictable

Boar of No Roots is…an opinionated subject. Many lunars in the Silver Pack feel that his pointless wandering has no real use to the Thousand Stream River, others point out that his broad reaching idea may in and of itself be part of the plan. Of another worry to many is his direct approach when dealing with problems, he is a young exalt and has made quite a reputation already because of his brutal confrontations with enemy forces, mostly barbarians but occasionally The Guild. Either good or bad, Boar of No Roots is a great debate piece among the Lunars, little emphases the youth of their kind or the power even a young one can bring on creation.



Boar of No Roots has been sighted around The Hundred Kingdoms for the past few years and has already made a name for himself among the locals, and if rumors are true also among the outlying forces that have a intrest in the kingdoms, such as Nexus & The Guild.

Sightings and rumors first showed up when a moderate barbarian menace was suddenly thwarted by a huge boar spirit that crashed into their lines from surprise, breaking their morale and slaughtering a hundred of them before they fled. Next was a tale spread by a merchant who said he was being threatened by a Guild caravan when a wandering peasant suddenly started shattering the Guilds wagons with his bare hands & felling the guards with a single blow each.

More & more rumors poped up, all seeming to be focused around The Hundred Kingdoms, of a man dressed like a peasant who would protect those in need, fighting off aggressive forces, often taking the shape of a monstrous hog.

Such actions will eventually draw more attention to the ripe for influencing Hundred Kingdoms…

Boar of No Roots

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