Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn

Honest Hard Working Shaman


Name-Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn
True Name-Unknown
Location-Around The Hundred Kingdoms
Organization-Silver Pack
Caste-Changing Moon
Spirit Form-Sparrow
Attitude-Helpful, Determined, Reliable, Trusting, Carefree

The life of a shaman of the Silver Pack is a busy one, for it is their special ability to inscribe the moonsilver tattoos on lunars that keeps them from devolving into Chimeras from the twisted influence of the wild. Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn, like most shamans, spends most of his time traveling around & dealing with newly found lunars, either attempting to save those in trouble or convert those who are yet to be protected by the glyphs.

He is a busy man, constantly on the go, even for a shaman. He spends most of his time around The Hundred Kingdoms, more because of their draw to lunars then because of a personal interest in the land or people itself. He has mastered several forms that help him travel & spy on the people that dwell here, the sparrow shape of his spirit form, fox & dog spirits, even the silent serpent.

It is known that Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn takes on students & teaches them in the art of Sorcery as well as occasionally training new shamans. He has been known to take more then a single student but as of now is said to have but a single one, Ravens Dark Stormy Flight.



Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn is as friendly as they get when it comes to lunars. He is helpful in nature & in intent, a selfless man who’s primary goal in the Silver Pack is to do his best to keep the peace & protect those in need of it. He however doesn’t let that drag him down, a weakness that many of the elders sadly possess. In his heart he wishes only to be a teacher & a father to his “children”

He is however…a busy man, and there are rumors that he is not nearly as carefree as the face he presents. The man is constantly on the move, constantly dipping in & out of contact…a normal thing for lunars but often “convenient” things tend to happen during his dissipearance. If he is helping others in this way why the secrecy about it? Why doesn’t he take credit? Yes there are some lunars who would be wounded by someone else stepping in and helping them so, but far more would lather praise and thanks on Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn.

Perhaps he is what he appears to be though. A moderately powerful lunar, rather young for being a shaman who has been aged by his life. A elder before his time.

Of Special Note

Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn is the lunar who inscribed tatoos on River Praising Daughter, doing so shortly after she exalted, but not before Whispering Flys Barely Heard contacted her & tricked her into the blood debt. The shaman helped nurture her hurt pride, sooth her confusion, & gave her a basic explanation of what she was, what she had joined & many of the well known problems with her new state of being…as well as the problems she may come across with others who share the exalted soul of a lunar. He stayed around for 1/2 a week but then was gone again, he swore to come back when he could and help instruct her more. It’s been a year since then…

Graceful Flowering Night in Autumn

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