Lord Vaouch'e

Rich Connected Haughty Council Member


Name-Avaion Krath Vaouche
Title-Noble Family Lord
Location- Red Sands
Organization- Red Sands Ruling Council
Organization Title-Council Seat
Attitude-Spoiled, Determined, Haughty, Elitest, Cocky, Intelligent

Lord Vaouch’e is one of the most powerful men in Red Sands. He has a seat on the Ruling Council, is head of one of the largest noble familys, and has enough ties into various aspects of Red Sands as to make him a much needed person in the affairs of the city as a whole.

On the Ruling Council he is one of the most connected members, has his fingers into a dozen businesses in the city, can pull the strings of at least one of the Red Sands Trade Guild council members, has a thaumaturge in his service, resources/connections outside of Red Sands & is blessed with a charming & sharp wit.

Rumors persist of a lot of dark sides to the Vaouch’e family, though most center around Avaion Vaouch’e himself. Rumors persist of a sadistic carnal side, dealings with the illegal side of Red Sands, harboring of a unregistered sorcerer & all sorts of bribery.



The Vaouch’e family came to Red Sands more then 200 years ago from Great Forks. They were part of a mass exodus out of the city at the time, and so brought with them their fortune. They quickly got into a position of power and influence by funding, buying, & politicising as much as they could.

Origionaly the family had a positive reputation, despite a reserved attitude many on the Ruling Council had towards them becuase of their ties outside the city. However the family head proved to be a trusted person, and for the most part so did those who succeeded him.

The familys reputation turned dark around the age of Vaouch’es puberty. The boy was famous for the nasty way he treated servents, the way he lorded about others with his inherited wealth, and his intrest in things that made others uncomfortable, such as forign politics & the magical arts. The boy turned to a man eventualy and proved to have a sharp wit and political mind, he took up his fathers place on the Council before the mans death & then shortly after took up the mantle of House Lord upon the mans death.

Since then Vaouch’e has learned to keep his more negatively viewed side hidden, ocasionaly letting it flare up when he feels insulted, often brutaly crushing those who earn his ire.

Lord Vaouch'e

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