Rasping Flesh Soothing Touch

Dangerous Fresh Wild Serpent


Name-Rasping Flesh Soothing Touch
True Name-Clarissa Von-Yah
Location-The Yellow River (East of Great Forks)
Spirit Form-Snake
Attitude-Unreliable, Aggressive, Manipulative, Flighty

Some Lunars are initiated into their new way of life quickly, many are lucky enough to be born far away from the influence of larger nations, but sometimes the lunar gift is given to someone who is already entrenched deeply into the society they live in and such people are often destined to have a difficult road ahead of them.

Rasping Flesh Soothing Touch is a prime example of what happens when someone “unstable” awakes. She went berserk, first changing into a lovely but deadly half snake half woman monster in the middle of a midnight party with her family, the change was unexpected…and uncontrolled. In her confusion & fear over a dozen people died, mostly servants and lesser people of no importance, but her only brother died, defending his other sisters from Clarissa Von-Yahs uncontrolled rage.

Since then she has been seen occasionally in the Yellow River, always east of Great Forks, where her family lived. She has resisted contact from the Silver Pack & seems to prefer sulking ot herself…however lately there have been rumors of a dark temptress dragging off men & women into the quiet waters of the Yellow River. This is something the pack can’t tolerate, something that isn’t acceptable. Already the Lunars discuss if they should attempt to bring Rasping Flesh Soothing Touch into the Silver Pack again, or free her Lunar soul to find a more acceptable vessel.



Clarissa Von-Yah was a noble woman in Great Forks before she “awoke”, or “changed” as her family speaks of it. She had always been rebellious, wanting to spread out her familys influence, decentrilize it’s control on the local middle class jewlry market, and so she was used to liberties her sisters & brothers were not as keen to express.

When she exalted & slew her servants & deeply loved brother in a confused rage she slunk away. Several weeks later she approached her family, trying to explain what happened, to once again be with them, but they claimed she was a monster, an Anathema. The Great Hunt was comming for her she was told, and so she fled east.

What goes on in that troubled mind? With the blood of her loved ones on her hands, with the solitude of the river, how can someone used to the constant attention & social connections of a life as a city noble deal with sudden alienation? So far not well, not well at all.

Rasping Flesh Soothing Touch

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