The Somewhat Competent Guard


Location- Red Sands
Organization Title-Full Guard
Attitude-Calm, Uninterested, Thoughtful, Polite

Rolph is 23 and has worked as a guard for 5 years. He is quite devoted to his wife who if his story’s are to be believed is somewhat of a tyrant when it comes to controlling her husband. He isn’t a very motivated person, but he is by far one of the best guards on the force, simply because he does his best to do his job, witch is something a great many of his comrades don’t.

Rolph followed around River Praising Daughter helping her, asking questions, answering questions & acting like a face for her (without him knowing). He proved somewhat useful and very dependable, often just standing there providing her a way into the conversation.


Rolph’s life is pretty cliche. He fell in love with his gf from childhood, they had a baby & now live a decent life in Red Sands. He pulls in a ok income as a guard and she spends most of the time taking care of their child, doing the side jobs of a carpenter.


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