The Red Scars

Seedy Underworld Thug Gang


Name-Puck, Barghast & Belhator
Title-The Red Scars
Location- Red Sands
Organization-3 “Brothers”
Organization Title-Gang
Attitude-Dangerous, Unmorale, Sneaky, Crime for Hire

The Red Scars, named after a stylistic scar they put on their right hand, are a group of 3 men who call themselves brothers. They hang out at The Tavern at The Docks usually. They are known for criminal activity, stealing, mugging, “sending a message” & even murder. They are a “for hire” group, and very little of their cirminal activities are endevors they take for themselves.

River Praising Daughter spoke to one of the brothers while in her exotic form, flirting with him she got him to mention that they had recently killed someone at behest of a noble who paid them a great deal. The man also told her the street their hideout is on and the names of his “brothers”. According to him they don’t know who they were actually working for, he paid them such a large sum that they just did the job, no questions asked.

Belhator-is the least seen of the “brothers” & is very quiet. A lot of people mistake his silence and calm mood as something sinister.

Puck-is the classic boisterous thieve, he’s known for wasting his money as soon as he gets it and making a scene

Barghast-is a ladies man, and very dangerous. He’s also the most attractive of the 3, but the women he takes home with him have a nasty habit of dissapearing…

Laisana-a quick to anger, viscous, good looking gypsy like woman. She is almost creepily in love with Puck, who ignores her advances & is pretty much oblivious to her feels. He does wish she could join The Red Scars, but knows she isn’t allowed to because of being a woman.



The Red Scars formed from a group of young men who were always in the poor & dirty side of Red Sands. Eventually they got tired of never progressing their station in life, of never having any of luxuries of those more fortunate, so they turned their knowledge of the dark side of society & their willingness to do things against the law to a profit. Since then they have been living somewhat of a higher class life, if you count the rat on top of the pile better off.

The Red Scars

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