Whispering Flys Barely Heard

Mysterious Old? Tricky Lunar


Name-Whispering Flys Barely Heard
True Name-Unknown
Location-The East
Organization-Silver Pack?
Spirit Form-Unknown
Attitude-Helpful, Suspicious, Driven, Intense, Tricky

Very little is known concretly about Whispering Flys Barely Heard, though there is much conflicting information that gives away a lot. He/She is known to be androgynous, or at least able to assume such forms, has never been seen in a warform & is known to take all sorts of animal forms. Their Tell is completely concealed & they have the ability to masc their tattoos. Some sort of extremely powerful magic prevents people from reading nearly any information from Whispering Flys Barely Heard’s tattoos.

All this adds up to the Lunar being extremely suspicious, and in general most others dislike dealing with the person. Luckily for them he/she never attends meetings & is only known by their dealings with various lunars in the east.

Who ever Whispering Flys Barely Heard is they are a powerful Sorceress & possess capabilities that are only seen by other Lunar Elders. There are rumors of the mysterious person not even having a caste at all…



Next to nothing is known for sure about Whispering Flys Barely Heard. They have no known caste, their tattoos supposedly change or can’t be read, and they appear all over the place. Are they an elder? Are they a chimera? Are they a lunar at all?

Of Special Note

Praising River was tricked by Whispering Flys Barely Heard into a blood debt. The older Lunar managed to coerce Praising River into a foolish course of action & then he/she saved/spared the “child”, but in so doing placed the debt on her skin & has yet to claim it.

Whispering Flys Barely Heard claims no animosity to Praising River & said that they will not abuse the debt, but it will be used when it will best suit Creation, when the Lunars will need to be united in a cause, then he/she will call upon all the debts they have gathered and the world will move.

Whispering Flys Barely Heard

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