Woken Dragons Rage

Older Territorial Selfish Barbarian


Name-Woken Dragons Rage
True Name-Unknown
Location-Meander River Mountains
Organization-Silver Pack
Caste-Full Moon
Spirit Form-Lizard
Attitude-Stubborn, Angry

There are Lunars who feel that in order to create a new society it must be able to conquer the old ones. While this isn’t a agreed upon requirement it is common enough in older Lunars that it can be a problem. Woken Dragons Rage is one such man, he spends his time in his kingdom, where the Meander River meets the mountains, and builds his barbarian horde. From the center of the river he sits in his powerful Manse & there he conspires on where and when to strike. For now his beast-men do little more then raid the occasional village that gets to close to the mountains, sometimes going deeper into the woods and picking fights with the natives there…how long can a Full Moon wait before the urge to use his well crafted & well maintained weapon becomes overpowering.



Woken Dragons Rage isn’t quite 1/2 a millennium old but his number of failed attempts at creating a successful community for The Thousand Stream Rivers outnumbers most Lunars twice his age. The man is a active participant in everything he does. He believes in conflict, believes it hardens the people, hones their body’s, readies their mind & he will spend the rest of eternity trying to figure a way to do away with the chaos & aggression that seem to inevitably befall all of his attempts to create society.

In the end it always comes down to that for Woken Dragons Rage, his people turn in on themselves, their own desires and instincts implode & a destructive orgy engulfs his civilizations. Little is left to clean up after, and there are rumors that perhaps that it isn’t as “unintentional” as it seems and as the Lunar claims it to be. Is madness taking him? Has he already begun to slip into the quick decent that is Chimeraism? Or is this unluckiest of Lunars just that, a determined man who’s every attempt to bring something good into the world ends up bringing nothing but fire & death.

Woken Dragons Rage

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