Red Sands

One of the larger cities in The Hundred Kingdoms, Red Sands owes most of it’s initial prominence from the odd red sand that covers the shores of the river bank around the main port of the city. The city has since its rising grown to be sustained by no individual primary source of commerce, though it does still make a nice profit & somewhat of a name for itself on the Red Sand.

Population 5000+


Commerce Trade with other villages, internal economy, reliance on larger cities for luxuries & artisans

Important Groups
* Ruling Council-A small group consisting of an elected mayor, several “noble” house masters, the most successful merchants & the head of the Trade Guild, they change & make new laws and protocols for the city.
* Trade Guild-2nd in influence only to the Ruling Council, they monitor & control internal and external commerce
*Red Guards-The collective name of Red Sands military forces including the standing army, guards & militia. The also occasionally deal with enforcing the Ruling Councils judgement when “problems” occur.
*River Wardens-The closest thing to another “commerce” guild. The group mostly focuses on controlling the influence of Red Sands on the river, including dealing with transportation, traffic & fishing. It is of note that the River Wardens have no influence on the Red Sand, as that falls into the domain of the Ruling Council.

Rights of Red Sands Citizens

  • Freedom from slavery
  • Freedom of caste enforcement
  • Choice to revoke citizenship
  • Choice of religious belief
  • Practice of non-dangerous religion

Illegal Activities of Note

  • Practice of the Dark Arts (necromancy, demonology)
  • Practitioners of sorcery must be documented if citizens or if visiting for longer then 1 week
  • Involvement with the Fae
  • Procuring, selling or trading of Red Sand without Ruling Council permission
  • Long term unlicensed involvement with The Realm or any other Major city/empire
  • Immigration of more then a single family, up to 5 people, without the consent of the Ruling Council

Red Sands

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