Red Sands - Red Guards

The Red Guards are a collective name of Red Sands military forces including the standing army, guards & militia. As a whole they deal with personal training, training the other groups & occasionally dealing with enforcing the Ruling Councils judgement when “problems” occur. The Standing army is more often refered to as the Red Guards then the Guards are. The Milita are technicly under the control & responsibility of the Soldiers, but mobilizing & adding additional people into the Milita is something only The Ruling Council can do.



The Guards of Red Sands little more then caravan guards effectivly. They have very little initiative, very little influence or power & their training is poor. Their membership is also far too large. Much of the lack of training is becuase of the over satuation of employees/recruits. The Guards are split up into 2 Guard Posts, one in the west of the city closer to the docks and the other to the east witch is closer to the nicer/richer parts of the city. While they in theory are part of a larger whole there is very little cooperation between the two groups, other then spotty & rare dispensing of information. Both of the Guard Posts answer to the Ruling Council sepritly. As a whole The Guards are extreemly ineffective, the lack of training & poor logicistical management has lead to men not taking their job seriously. They rarely take the initiative, generaly loaf around & sleep on the job, and are little more then a minor deterint and major money drain on the city.

The Western Guard Post is ran by Fandor, a man who origionaly had great plans for the guards but whos hopes were crushed underneath politics, now he spends most of his day drunk in his office sleeping in the dark. His men deal mostly with the market place, the poorer part of the city & The Docks.

The Eastern Guard Post deals with the richer parts of the City. They are known for never being around, being corrupt, lushes & even more incompetent then the Western Guards.


Red Sands - Red Guards

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