Red Sands - The Docks

The Docks of Red Sands are a busy place, and some consider it the most dangerous location in the city. Here is where the Red Sand is collected, here is also where the River Wardens are stationed & where all the imports & exports pass threw. It is the most heavily patrolled part of the town as well as having the largest number of law infraction occurrence.

The Piers

Here is where the ships come in and out. There are over a dozen piers though only 6 that can moor large trading ships, the others deal with small watercraft that often belong to locals and short range traders. The Piers are nearly always busy, men constantly bringing it and out new goods, as well as fishers trying their luck in the brackish water.

The Musky Wench

The more reputable of the 2 taverns in the docks, it is owned by Horath, a polite older man who serves good beer, good food, and while friendly with his clients is known for his lack of involvement in politics & rumor mongering…despite what innkeepers are known for. The Musky Wench is well known to have higher quality goods & lodging but costs a sizable amount more their competitor. It is also quite a bit smaller and less busy usually, but still sports a large enough clientele to keep Horath in business.

The Tavern

The largest of the 2 inns in the docks, it is owned by a nobleman who rumor has it visits the establishment in hiding, if this is true or not is a well kept secret. The Tavern is a very large inn, sporting 3 stories, dozens of rooms & a commons area that spans into a second story. There is always a large number of people at the establishment, and during the evening it becomes a hot loud den filled with nearly a hundred visitors. Crime is a problem here but you couldn’t tell from just the sounds & look. There is a seedy underbelly to The Tavern, and those who visit will usually find their purses missing…

The River Wardens

The central building for the Wardens is in the docks. The 2 story building watches over the piers like a looming father figure & sees all sorts of activity during the day & night, as captains & merchants come & go. The Wardens pride themselves on keeping the docks less troublesome then they would be otherwise, and their visible & constant presence around the piers & streets would support that pride.

Though The Docks technicly fall under the sway of the trade guild, what goes on there mostly ends up being under the jursidiction of the River Wardens. While the Trade Guild deals with the actaul trading of the fish directly with the people in the town, as well as anything that comes in threw the port, the River Wardens deal with things as they are on the river, as the effect the river, and any form of transaction from ship to ship. The end result is that there is a sort of perfectly legal market that happens off the ports just slightly away from them, in order to avoid interaction with the Trade Guild. This has ocasionaly caused serveer issues to rise up between the 2 commerce guilds, but in the end it’s geenraly settled without much change or ignored. Mostly because of the difficulties that would be involved in the Trade Guild dissolving the River Wardens completly.

Red Sands - The Docks

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