Red Sands Trade Guild

Orginizational Structure-Elected Council Governing Merchants

Members 35

Membership Requirement Own a small business in Red Sands that creates X income or deals with a unique/limited quality resource

Council Seats 8

Council Members 7
Master Merchant Touyte – Merchant Lord & Ruling council representative
Juliet Raine – Negotiator
Merchant Lady Siobhan – Merchant Lord & richest member of the Trade Guild
Sir Ollie – Merchant and Forgery expert
Sevarik Courpan – Co Owner & Owner of several different trade vessels
Mister Balk – Owner of the largest workforce company
Madam Rouge – Vice contact with questionable influence & resources

Council Requirements

  • Vouched for by a council member
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Provide an active benefit/use to the Trade Guild
  • Win a majority vote in the council to be elected


  • Manage the enforcement of trade laws
  • Maintain a profitable economy threw trade regulations
  • Allow fair *unbiased opportunity for businesses

Powers & Rights

  • Creation, modification & dissolution of laws that regulate, maintain & effect Trade.
  • The right to enforce Trade Regulations, apply fees & punishments
  • The right to tax, gather taxes & enforce taxes
  • Limited right to spend/use taxes
  • Limited right to enlist the Red Guards to support the Trade Guild in performing its Powers & Rights

Limitations & Off Limits

  • The resource Red Sand
  • The Ruling Council has the ability to veto, modify & remove all laws enforced by the Trade Guild
  • Several limits on how much the laws can be changed & enforced without requiring Ruling Council involvement
  • Removing laws is much more difficult then creating them, even ones that they made & the Ruling Council didn’t

Other Information

  • It is well known that many people in the Trade Guild fear the Ruling Council, though for various reasons and to various degrees. Many feel that way simply because of the Ruling Councils hold over the Trade Guilds powers, some feel that way from actual worry of the power the Ruling Council holds as a whole over the city. Then there are those who only whisper about their fears of corruption…
  • Attitudes & mentalities in the Trade Guild are extreemly varied, though each is better off then the average person in Red Sands. While basically everyone is there for political reasons, what they hope to get out of those political ties is different, some simply want to have a bit of control over trade in Red Sands, others wish to advertise, some just want to have power over the city, and a few are there because it was easier to be then not to be.
  • While open during the week & closed during the weekend, various members work less then 5 days a week, some as little as 3

Personal Interactions With The Trade Guild

  • Talked with 3 of the council members, trying to explain that smuggling is the biggest crime in the city & that the main way to deal with that is changing the way The Guards are being handled. The 3 members seemed to all be up for cutting the number of guards down so that they can focus on a more elite group of less people…but they were pretty much against funneling more money to them.

Red Sands Trade Guild

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