The Thousand Streams River

The Thouand Streams River is the Lunars’ grand plan to foster new cultures as alternatives to the Realm and its vassals. Indeed, its greatest plan is to create a society that does not require Exalted rule at all.

In the aftermath of the Usurpation, many First Age kingdoms were unable to support themselves, lacking the prowess of Solar rule. When the Great Contagion struck and wiped out the masses, the Dragon Blooded could not be depended upon to defend humanity. When the Wyld gnawed away at the borders of reality and Fair Folk ran rampant as they pleased, no one left stood to oppose them besides the Scarlet Empress and her dependant Empire. Lunars that had survived all of these catastrophes saw that socities built around the power of the Exalted grew weak without them, and decided to do something about it.

These surviving Lunars were clever and powerful enough to shape societies, and change an entire people to their desires, and so they decided to do so. Like a tree with diseased roots, a kingdom with a poor foundation or weak political system would fall. Mortals could no longer depend on the perfection of the Solars, the foresight of the Sidereals, or even the numbers of the Dragon-Blooded. They needed a society that could do without their power, depending only on themselves, and functioning without interference. They needed nations that would stand healthy and, more importantly, stand by themselves.

The Lunars called it the Thousand Streams River, in the hopes that their many planned and pruned societies would mingle and grow, all contributing to Creation in their own way, as streams mingle to become the mighty river. Their strengths would provide different gifts to a new, renewed, better world.

Though opinions and approaches vary, each with their own setbacks and advantages, there is no perfect or preferred approach, as there is no simple answer to the complex question of making a society survive the test of time. Many small factors can undermine even a great nation, forcing the Lunar in charge to destroy it and begin anew.

The Thousand Streams River

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